Differences in Men in Women Oral Health

Many people think that men and women are the same in some fronts, but that’s not the case. They often have major differences, from how their bodies are, their stamina, and it even extends to oral health.  Many dentists will try to get men to come in more, because while women will go in to visit their dentist a lot, sometimes men might not.  You might wonder what other differences there are.  Well there are a few, and this article will go over a few of the various differences.

The first, is that women brush way more than men do. Women are about 8% more likely to brush their teeth than a man do.  Often, men will skip their brushing, and women tend to be more vigilant about when they brush.  This also means that they are 10% more likely to brush their teeth after meals in comparison to men.  Obviously these numbers don’t mean everything, but do keep that in mind next time you see a woman brushing their teeth after eating.

Men also put themselves more at risk than women do. This means that there are certain activities that can cause more issues than expected. Certain activities, such as smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, drinking a ton of alcohol, and the like, will cause you to be more exposed to various health issues, including cancer.  Studies have shown that men consume these more than women do, and even at higher rates, which means that they are more likely to develop such conditions such as oral cancer, various gum diseases, and other major health issues not limited to the mouth.

1Women also tend to see the dentist more often.  Women will make follow-up appointments, and they tend to follow and keep them more than men do. Typically, men will only go in when it’s necessary, and because of this, they get less checkups and cleanings than a woman does.

Men also experience more dental issues.  Obviously because women are more proactive about this, they do have less issues, such as gum disease, tartar buildup, some bleeding gums, and the like.  Often, various oral diseases are given few warnings when they are identified by someone who isn’t a professional. Since men don’t visit the dentist as much, they might not know about gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer, and other issues.  It might go on for a long time until it has gone through advanced stages. Because of this, men are more likely than women to develop these various issues.  This is why, if you are worried about your teeth, you should schedule regular issues to help with this.

However, women also experience spikes in oral issues.  Because women go through pregnancy and menopause, and only women do, they do have changes in hormones.  The spiking in these hormones can cause gingivitis in women when expecting, and often they experience burning mouth syndrome when going through menopause. If you have either of these conditions going on, you should visit your dentist regularly in order to help you prepare for any larger issues that might go on.

Finally, men experience more tooth trauma.  Because they often play more contact sports that require physical touches, such as boxing, polo, rugby, and even football, often they collide with other people more, which results in chipping, cracking, and even losing teeth.  This, coupled with the fact that men will wear less protective gear, can cause major issues in activities. The best thing to do is if you’re going to play this, make sure you get it before you begin, because it can ultimately save your teeth and your oral health.

For many people, they don’t’ even think that tooth difference and oral health matter because of gender, but talk to any Eugene dentist and they will tell you immediately that it does. If you’re ever looking to see if you have any of these issues, do keep all of this in mind, and do take the time to learn more about this with every single visit. This can ultimately save your oral health, help you out a lot, and you’ll be much happier in the long run.


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